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  Thanks to everyone for your orders past and future. We appreciate them so much. Your generosity and support of our efforts is most heartwarming.

We are working very hard to get the garden ready for the 2015 season. We have recieved many inquiries on if we'll sell our stock retail/mail order this year. Our honest answer is that the prospect is still very uncertain, at this time due to the following circumstances.

We are still in recovery mode from a devasting winter of 2013-2014. Increase is fairly
abundant on our established clumps, and our replacement stock is doing well, but many varieties haven't had sufficient time for increase to offer for sale. Plants are looking good for the most part, with a few exceptions. We'll have to keep a close eye on the situation.
  Every year we pick our favorite varieties and share them with our web viewers. These are varieties that have stood out for us, plantwise, as robust growers, plentiful increase, and generous flower stalk formation

As far as the bloom goes, these varieties have impressed us with excellent form, branching, bud count, and substance. Of course, color/color patterns has to be thrown in as well. All of these characteristics add up to our favorite selections for this year.

When considering parents for our crossing goals the below varieties pictured go to the very front as worthwhile candidates for new iris hybrids that should thrive most anywhere. Our goals are simple  --  excellent growth, hardiness, modern flower form, bud count, and branching.

       Gallery 1   Gallery 2    Gallery 3    Gallery 4    Gallery 5    Gallery 6
Greetings Folks:

Saying hello to Spring 2015!.
We trust that everyone's iris season will be full of blooms and beauty!

Our photo archive 2015 is still under construction for the most part, with the addition of photos. Most of our newer offerings will be pictured as soon as we can take our photos this upcoming bloom season.

We'll be expanding our offerings and increasing our growing space to give the the widest possible selection of quality Tall Bearded Iris. However stock is extremely limited for the most part and that may have a bearing on whether we'll sell retail/mail order for 2015. We'll keep our customers apprised of any developments.

In any case, we eventually hope to be part of your gardening efforts at some point in the future, and to partner with you in enriching your world of color.

Wishing you all the rainbow in 2015,

Beaumont Ridge Iris